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We are a Leading Manufacturers of Leather bags in India. We have given 100% customer satisfaction with genuine leather by providing excellent quality and highly durable products. A Leather bags are the bags which give good professional looking and fashionable for the customers. It will be very lightweight, and it's elegant to carry everywhere. It's very easy to clean and maintain the leather bags. In Leather bags our things will be safe and very protective.

Leather bags are different models, sizes and colors. We make different types of leather bags such as Laptop bags, Travel Bags, Gym bags, Backpack bags, Hand bags etc.

Leather bags are very gorgeous and stylish, and it has very long-lasting life. We are manufacturing the Leather bags with customization to promote the customers business by updating their brands and logos on bags. Customers can get the products in reasonable prices.


We have a capacity to produce weekly 500 pieces and monthly 2000 pieces with quality on time. It can be increased as per customer requirements.


We have a separate quality checking expert team to check the quality of our products and focus on customer requirements. We are caring more on quality to give the customer the best products. 


We will pack each and every bag separately to reach the product at the customer place safely. We pack the bags with complete cover to deliver the products without any damage. Also, we pack as per customer instructions. If order volume is high then we pack in cotton boxes, etc.


We can deliver our products to pan India with trusted Logistic partners. For standard orders we will deliver through roadways and for an urgent order we will deliver through airways.


Laptop bags are the bags which is used to keep the laptop very safely. Our laptop bags have good quality with customization, In our Laptop bags we have five models. They are             

  • Single Compartment bags 
  • Double Compartment bags
  • Three Compartment bags.
  • Four handle bags.
  • Single Flap RIB Model with handle bags.

We can make as per customer requirements. You will get different colors like Black, Tan (Brown), Coffee Brown, Grey etc. We always make the best quality with long-lasting bags for customer satisfaction. You will get the lowest price in the market.

The size of the laptop bag is Height 10.5" inches and width 16" inches. Surely the laptop will fit inside the laptop bag. It's very comfortable for carrying laptops, files, notepads, accessories in work or in travel. Our Laptop bag is used to protect the laptop from dust, water and scratches in daily use.

Leather Laptop  bag


Leather Travel bags are very comfortable and safe to protect the customers item. We will make in different shapes and different sizes also. Compact pockets to keep mobile phones, chargers and accessories to take easily. Our Leather Travel bags have a royal look with attractive colors and quality zip, Travel bags are of different types. They are duffle bags, trolley bags etc. 


The duffle bags have two types of handles like we can carry in hands or else we can wear it in the shoulder and travel comfortably. Duffle bag has space to carry clothes and needful things. 


The trolley bags has two wheels and four wheel bags. The trolley bag has handle and loose strap to carry. All the borders are heavily stitched by our expert teams. The trolley bag has more space to carry the items carefully.

Leather Travel bag


Backpack bags has a classy and decent look. It has good quality, compact and flexibility to use. Backpack bags are the bags which are mainly used by school and college students to carry the things. Backpack bags are also used by the employees to carry laptop, files for office use. Backpack bags are very comfortable and elegant in travel also. It is light-weight with strong two straps to wear in the shoulder with a handle on top of the bag. The bag is very smooth and soft outside. Inside the bag it has strong material. It has many compartments and in front of the bag there is a small compartment to keep the necessary things to take easily. It has an adjustable strap as per customer convenient. Likewise, it has high quality zipper.

Leather Backpack bag


Gym bags or sports bags are the unique bags design which is used to carry clothes, water or protein drink bottles and shoes. We can carry the bag very elegantly. It has enough space to keep all the things safely with heavy quality zipper and adjustable straps and handle for long-lasting. Its round in shape and lengthy too. It has two side pockets also. We can customize the gym bag by customer's requirement with their brands and logos.

Leather Gym bag


Hand bags are designed by different styles, shapes, colors and size. Handbags is used by women's to carry necessary things while travel. Handbags giving gorgeous, decent and stylish look for ladies. It has many Handbags are of many types. They are

  • Shoulder bags
  • Tote bags
  • Slings bags

Hand bags are very comfortable for ladies to carry money, makeup things, keys and needful items. We can make customize handbags with customer brands and logos as if needed. The hand bags has shoulder straps or hand straps. The hand bag will be safe by  a high quality zipper. The hand bag is easy to handle for daily use.


Tote bag is a bag which is large with rectangle or square with different colors. Tote bags can be used by students and also for office use. Tote bags have two shoulder handles on both sides. Tote bags have one compartment.


Shoulder bags are a casual and regular use bag with shorter single or double strap handles and high quality zipper with many compartments. Shoulder bags are very comfortable for office use and also in different sizes and colors.


Sling bags are a stylish bag which is smaller and compact. Sling bags have single adjustable strap. Sling bags are very pretty. Sling bags are in different shapes and colors with chain straps also.

Leather Ladies Bag

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